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‘Into the Wild’ by Heather O’Brien

This site features reviews of books, articles, podcasts, and resources of an esoteric nature in a variety of areas and media. From vintage films to texts both modern and ancient, the world is filled with the secret, the unknown, mysteries, lore, ritual and more. We hope to bring the best of these elements to The Esoteric Review while exploring topics of interest and relevance.

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About Esotericism

Esotericism, or esoterism, is the embodiment of knowledge and guarded wisdom encompassed in the occult, religious mysteries,  divine revelations, ancient orders, magic, astrology, social and religious connectedness in worldviews, folklore, and many other places where wisdom is passed down.

Esotericism contains the threads that tie the mundane into the sacred. It is found in ancient texts, doctrines, traditions and practices. Esotericism is reflected throughout the world through sacred teachings, ritual, orders, and lore.

Through this site a variety of areas will be shared, reviewed, and explored in hopes of bringing those elements into sharper focus.



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